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”When you know many languages – you have many keys to a lock” Voltaire, French philosopher (1694-1778)

Right from the beginning Sprachenservice Reichel has been a reliable partner working with companies and organisations in the Franco-German economic area.

For 15 years Sprachenservice Reichel has been providing professional translation and interpreting services as well as all the other tasks associated with foreign languages.

Our work is founded on perfect knowledge of the cultural differences between the two countries, thereby ensuring efficient, high-quality dialogue throughout.

But knowledge of languages alone does not make a good translator. An appropriate academic qualification and many years of experience are essential to mastering the extremely complex task of translation.

Thanks to a very extensive network of qualified translators and linguists as well as reliable partner offices, we are able to offer translations in virtually all languages.

Brigitte Souveton-Reichel is a lecturer in French at AKAD, the renowned private correspondence university, responsible for training state-certified translators and interpreters.

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